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Thu Mar 16 15:16:09 EST 2006

Hi Wizards,  

 I've been deep in rehearsal with both my band (the Moogy Klingman band) and 
with  Ian Lloyd and Stories. It's going to be a rocking nite at a great club 
(the  Cutting Room). And I'm going to be giving away free -  a specially  made 
CD of both bands from our last gig at the Cutting Room.  
"Moogy Klingman & Ian  Lloyd's Stories Live at the Cutting Room" with Ian and 
I doing some of our  best songs (Brother Louie, You gotta have Friends) and 
it is being  specially made as a collector's item for this gig. 
    The first 50 paying customers will receive this  collector's item free! 
    So come down to the Cutting Room, this Saturday  nite to get your free CD 
and see a great nite of rock n' rock, performed by some  classic rockers!

The Moogy Klingman Band -  7:30
w/Jim  Satten, Even Steven Levee, Iasha Minton, Denny  McDermott doing the 
Moogy's rock  classics,  
"You Gotta  Have Friends" & "Utopia theme" 
Ian Lloyd's Stories 
- doing  their #1 hit, "Brother Louie" -9;00 pm
Saturday, March 18th 
at the Cutting Room, 19 w. 24th st, Manhattan  
_www.thecuttingroomnyc.com_ (http://www.thecuttingroomnyc.com/)   212 

$12 cover  & 2 drink min -  reserv: _moogyking at aol.com_ 
(mailto:moogyking at aol.com) -  212 724  0242
Go  to _www.moogymusic.com_ (http://www.moogymusic.com/)  for song samples  & 
more gig info

The Moogy Klingman  Band 
           Moogy   was a founding member of  Todd Rundgren's "Utopia". Moogy 
will be  performing swongs from his Capitol and EMI solo albums - songs that 
went on  to be recorded
by people like Johny Winter,  Eric Clapton,  Barry  Manilow, and others. 
Moogy's  band also be playing other songs he wrote like "Dust in the Wind"  
which Todd Rundgren recorded on his "Something, Anything" album and Axel Rose  
and Guns &  Roses does live in concert (on their very occasional gigs). 
      * He'll also be  doing a song he co-wrote with Buzzy Linhart called, 
"You Gotta Have  Friends", which is Bette Midler's theme song.
      Moogy has played, recorded and/or  had his songs covered by many rock 
legends, including Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry,  Luther Van Dross, Bob Dylan, Bo 
Diddley, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck,  Allan Woody and Warren Haynes from the 
Allman Bros & Gov't Mule. Moogy  has worked with great female rockers like Bette 
Midler, Carly Simon,  Cindy Lauper, Shawn Colvin, Irene Cara, and Thelma 
    Jim Satten on guitar is an blues/R & B  guitar legend. He was Bo Diddley 
lead guitarist and band leader for 14 years and  lead the Ron Wood band (of 
the Rolling Stones) on a world tour. 
He and Moogy also played together in a band with Allmans  Brothers alumni 
Allan Woody, and Warren Haynes. Jim has played guitar for  the original 
Temptations, Ronnie Spector, and Sam and Dave, among many  others.  
     Even Steven Levee has been playing with  Moogy for many years in bands 
like "Moogy and the Mojo's" and "Freak Parade"  Even has worked with many rocks 
acts including Brad Factor and others and  also produces acts at his studio 
such as Gun Hill. 
    The drummer Denny McDermott, has been gigging  and recording with Donald 
Fagan, Phoebe Snow and Marc Cohen. 
 _www.moogymusic.com_ (http://www.moogymusic.com/) 
      Ian Lloyd's  Stories 
         Ian Lloyd has  been rehearsing with Moogy with a new version of his 
old band "Stories" IanLloyd  and Stories had three top twenty hit 
singlesincluding a #1  hit with the classic song, "Brother Louie". Ian has recorded many 
albums  with Stories and as a solo artist. 
          Ian’s voice has been heard on such big hits as Foreigner’s“Feels 
Like The First  Time”, “Cold As Ice”, “Waiting For A GirlLike You”, “Juke 
Box Hero”, “Double  Vision”, and more. 
He is cemented in Rock ‘n’  Roll history with his world-wide #1 hit “Brother 
Louie“ and can also be heard on  Billy Joel’s “I Go To Extremes”, as well 
as appearing on CDs by Yes, Peter  Frampton, Ian  McDonald [of King Crimson / 
Foreigner fame], and Survivor to name a  few.

An email review from one of Moogy's  last gigs
        Moogy, wow, I  really meant it, you guys were stupendous the other 
nite!  Way better than  I ever thought it was gonna be though of course I knew 
it would still be  great.  I'd give you guys an A plus and you know me already, 
pretty candid  when it comes to music!   
What I noticed mostly though at first, my first impression was that  you guys 
could have played this gig with your eyes closed and your hands tied  behind 
your backs!  Just seemless and flawless-effortless! very  cool.

I was soooo glad you just kicked the crap atta the piano rather  than layin 
back!  That was so cool and I looked over at Ito and saw he was  getting a kick 
out of it too!  You sounded just great, really!  I was  also thinking, where 
else can you see a rock show where the keyboardist is  playing on a grand 
piano!  Wow, how rare is that nowadays! As always though  you inspire me with your 

The singing was awesome and in this  band context I really saw how your voice 
is really best in that kind of  "rocked-out" setting. Talk about tight! 
yikes!  The drumming, Denny is  so strong and don't know if it's just your band but 
he had this folk-rock  shuffle thing going and his arm movements reminded me 
a bit of Max Weinberg with  that swing-style Louis Bellison thing happening!  

I also really  enjoyed your MC bits.  Funny and a real showman!  Oh yeah, and 
at the  end, that ballad you played and sang, was so touching and poignant, 
and I could  feel this really nice vibe in the audience.  We could tell you 
sang your  heart out!

So das da scoop!
Hope I get to see you guys play again  sometime!

Later,  David

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