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Hi  Wizard, 
      We worked out a new arrangement with  the club and now there is no 
cover! Before we were going to charge $12 to get  in, but now it's free!! Just 
have a drink (or two) and enjoy the show. It's a  sit down room with a nice stage 
and some great barbeque so come on by for our  Saturday nite rock party!!
      And check out Ian Lloyd and I doing "Brother  Louie" live from the 
Cutting Room (11/26/05) at my website - _www.moogymusic.com_ 

The Moogy Klingman Band 
w/Tommy Cosgrove, Stu Woods & Denny  McDermott - 8 pm
Ian Lloyd's Stories 
- doing  their #1 hit, "Brother Louie" -10 pm

Saturday, Jan. 28th, 2006 - 8 pm to 11  pm
at  the A &M Road House57 Murray Street (between Church & W. Broadway) 
2  blocks below Chambers st. near City Hall in  Manhattan
No  cover - 2 drink min -   reservations:moogyking at aol.com
Go  to _www.moogymusic.com_ (http://www.moogymusic.com/)  for song samples  & 
more gig info
_www.amroadhouse.com_ (http://www.amroadhouse.com/)   phone: 212.385.9005
>From the 8/05/05 issue of New York Press about 
Moogy's last gig at the Cutting Room with Tommy Cosgrove and  Stu Woods
             "Moogy, a cabaret soulfull performer, who's written and produced 
many an  early Bette Midler session has joined Todd Rundgren for the earliest 
albums of  Utopia: his often delirious many membered Mahavishnu 
     This was after Klingman (a  megasessioner with Dylan, CSN, etc.) had 
already worked as a member of the  Vagrants, the toast of Long Island soul rock, 
along side Tommy Cosgrove, Stu  Woods and Leslie West. Now for the first time 
in over thirty years,  Moogy, Tommy and Stu have joined forces. Good times are 
here  again"
        writen by A.D.  Amorosi
     The Moogy Klingman  Band 
 with Tommy Cosgrove on guitar & vocs, 
Stu Woods on bass and Denny McDermett on drums.
          Moogy  was a  founding member of  Todd Rundgren's "Utopia". He'll 
be doing songs from  his Capitol and EMI solo albums - songs that went on to be 
recorded by  people like 
Johny Winter,  Eric Clapton,  Barry  Manilow, and others. 
Moogy's  band also be playing other songs he wrote like "Dust in the Wind"  
which Todd Rundgren recorded on his "Something, Anything" album and Axel Rose  
and Guns &  Roses does live in concert (on their very occasional  gigs). He'll 
also be doing  Bette Midler's theme song  that he wrote with Buzzy Linhart, 
"You Gotta Have Friends".
      Moogy has played and recorded with many rock  legends, including Jimi 
Hendrix, Chuck Berry, Luther Van Dross, Bob  Dylan, Bo Diddley, Eric Clapton, 
Jeff Beck, Allan Woody and Warren  Haynes from the Allman Bros & Gov't Mule. Moo
gy has worked with great  female rockers like Bette Midler, Cindy Lauper, 
Shawn Colvin, Irene Cara, and  Thelma Houston
Tommy Cosgrove, Stu Woods & Denny  McDermott   
Tommy Cosgrove will be sharing the lead vocals with Moogy and singing  many 
songs he did with Brethren and the Vagrants as well as some newer  material.    
   Moogy met Tommy and Stu when they played together in the  Vagrants.They 
joined Leslie West until he split the band andTommy replaced  Leslie as lead 
guitarist. Moogy, Tommy and Stu then formed a band with Todd  Rundgren and 
recorded and toured with him. Moogy, Tommy and Stu then recorded  with Eric Clapton 
and Jeff Beck
 on the "Music from Free Creek" album. 
Moogy joined then recorded and released two solo albums on Capitol and EMI  
records and then formed "Utopia" with Todd Rundgren, while Tommy  and Stu then 
formed the group "Brethren. Brethren is a  band  that recorded two classic 
albums on Sceptor records back in the early  70's. Recently Beck has even sampled 
and looped their beats on his new  album
 Moogy and Stu then recorded with Bob Dylan while Tommy gigged with Dr.  John 
and the Ronnie Hawkins Band taking over the guitar seat
 once held by Robbie Robertson of the  Band.           
     Moogy and Stu went on to record a supersession  album with Al Kooper and 
Shuggie Otis. By the mid - 70's Moogy, Stu and  Tommy had split up. This will 
be the second time they've gigged together in over  30 years. Stu Woods went 
on to become one of the top studio musicians in  NYC while Tommy wandered the 
world playing music with various people including  recently with G.E. Smith's 
        The drummer Denny McDermott, has  been gigging and recording with 
Donald Fagan, Phoebe Snow and Marc Cohen
 _www.moogymusic.com_ (http://www.moogymusic.com/) 
Ian Lloyd's  Stories 
 Ian Lloyd has been rehearsing with Moogy with a new version of his  old band 
"Stories" Ian Lloyd and Stories had three top twenty hit  singles, including 
a #1 hit with the classic song, "Brother Louie". 
Ian has recorded many albums with Stories and as a solo  artist. 
          Ian’s voice has been heard on such big hits as Foreigner’s“Feels 
Like The First  Time”, “Cold As Ice”, “Waiting For A GirlLike You”, “Juke 
Box Hero”, “Double  Vision”, and more. 
He is cemented in Rock ‘n’  Roll history with his world-wide #1 hit “Brother 
Louie“ and can also be heard on  Billy Joel’s “I Go To Extremes”, as well 
as appearing on CDs by Yes, Peter  Frampton, Ian  McDonald [of King Crimson / 
Foreigner fame], and Survivor to name a  few.

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