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  Apologies in advance for cross-posting.
  I was in California this week on business and managed to sneak away from work for a couple of hours on tues to have lunch with Roger Powell.  Roger drove to lunch and popped in a CD of a rough mix of his new disc that's scheduled for final mixing in the next few weeks.  To be accurate this is a Roger Powell record with co-conspirators.  The band is tentatively titled _Fossil Poets_ and includes music industry veteran Gary Tanin (http://my.execpc.com/~multimus/gt_index.html) and a fantastic guitar player, whose name I didn't catch unfortunately.  
  The music defies classification (even Roger agrees), but I'll attempt to do my best to describe what I heard.   First thing I'll say is that if you liked what you heard even a little on Cosmic Furnace, Air Pocket or the Audion Sampler, you will be thrilled with this.  The music is very rich throughout and very complex in places.  It's clear that Roger's really grown as a musician.  
  The first track he played reminded me of Roger Powell meets Trent Reznor a la _Pretty Hate Machine_ (I mean this as a compliment).  The sounds are a mixture of very modern and vintage synth sounds, which makes it sonically very interesting.  From Roger's description, the disc was recorded in distributed fashion.  Gary Tanin is in Milwaukee, Roger in California, and I'm not sure where the guitar player is based.  Roger left plenty of room for his fellow Poets to maneuver so it has a good band feel.  Lots of interesting guitar work both from Roger and the other guitar player, who is amazing.  There were a couple of tracks that had sort of a droning sound (and I mean this in a good way) not unlike some recent Porcupine Tree stuff I've been listening to.
  There were a couple of tunes that reminded me of Utopia sounds and one of the treats on the disc is a Cream-style tribute that is undeniably Roger but with some surprise organ towards the end.  There was also a very nice, softer tune that sort of "cleanses the palate" between some intense solos.  I also really liked a very nice short piano piece that Roger did:  very sad sounding, very Roger.  
  Another item worth relaying, there was a tune that had a tribal rhythm coupled with a native American flute sound.  Very nice.
  So this is a brief recap of what I heard with one very quick listen.  As I understand it, Gary Tanin will be starting mixing very soon.  Not clear yet how this gets distributed or when final product will be available.  If I hear anything, I'll post here.
  Buy this disc when it comes out! 

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