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Todd Rundgren


Randy Brecker, Mike Brecker, Jim Colgrove, Rick Derringer, Gene Dinwiddie, Amos Garret, Jim Horn, Serge Katzen, Ben Keith, John Kelson, Mark "Moogy" Klingman, Robbie Kogale, Bugsy Maugh, Bill Mundi, Barry Rogers, Todd Rundgren, Charlie Schoning, Hunt Sales, Tony Sales, John Siegler, John Siomos, Rick Vito, Ralph Walsh, Stu Woods

Additional Singers:

Brook Baxes, Anthony Carrubba, Dennis Cooley, Richard Corey, Henry Fanton, Cecelia Norfleet, Edward Olmos, Vicki Robinson, Hope Ruff


Todd Rundgren

Release Date: 1972
Duration: 43:22
Label: Rhino/Bearsville
Catalog Number: R2DD 71107

Concerning Breathless:

In a 1975 interview on Radio Clyde (Scotland) Todd says:

"That middle bit I stole almost literally from something that I remembered and I had no idea where I heard it. But I needed it, so I used it. If I'd known where it came from I'd might have been hesitant to use it."

  1. I Saw The Light
  2. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
  3. Wolfman Jack
  4. Cold Morning Light
  5. It Takes Two to Tango (This is for the Girls)
  6. Sweeter Memories
  7. Intro:
  8. Breathless
  9. The Night the Carousel Burnt Down
  10. Saving Grace
  11. Marlene
  12. Song of the Viking
  13. I Went To The Mirror
  14. Black Maria
  15. One More Day (No Word)
  16. Couldn't I Just Tell You
  17. Torch Song
  18. Little Red Lights
  19. Overture - My Roots
  20. Dust in the Wind
  21. Piss Aaron
  22. Hello It's Me
  23. Some Folks is Even Whiter Than Me
  24. You Left Me Sore
  25. Slut


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