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Todd Rundgren


Todd Rundgren, Bobby Strickland, Rachel Haden, Janet Kirker, Michele Rundgren, Jill Sobule, Tal Wilkenfeld, Kasim Sulton


Todd Rundgren

Release Date: April 9, 2015
Label: MVDAudio/Esoteric Antenna
Catalog Number: MVD7260A

  1. Evrybody
  2. Flesh & Blood
  3. Rise
  4. Holyland
  5. Blind
  6. Earth Mother
  7. Global Nation
  8. Soothe
  9. Terra Firma
  10. Fate
  11. Skyscraper
  12. This Island Earth


Evrybody Clap Your Hands!

Evrybody can't paint the Mona Lisa
Evrybody can't be a millionaire
Everybody can't make the perfect pizza
Evrybody's here so we just don't care

Because we're all together again

Everybody can't be El Presidente
Evrybody can't be the talk of the town
Everybody can't lead a life of plentay
Evrybody's ready to get on down

Because we're all together again

Evrybody can't have the Life O' Riley
Evrybody can't be a movie star
Evrybody can't get a twerk from Miley
Evrybody here'd rather hit the bar

Because we're all together again

Evrybody don't need a mini mansion
Evrybody don't want an 80 foot yacht
Evrybody don't need the latest fashion
Evrybody needs what we already got

Because we're all together again

Flesh & Blood

It's the tom tom tom beat of the medicine man
Driving the eyeyevil spirits back to a rhythmless land
Now it's a layayptop and a microphone
Fifty thouwowosand watts and still going strong
You hear the bangbangbangin' of the drum machine
You can't help bowowouncin' like a Mexican jumping bean
Soon everyboyoyody has the urge to move
It's like an owowocean swelling to the thunderous groove

You got free will but you're flesh and blood
You can't stand still 'cause you're flesh and blood
When that wall of sound hits you like a flash flood
Then you can't stop moving 'cause you're flesh and blood
There's no resistance 'cause we're flesh and blood
We go that distance 'cause we're flesh and blood
When that wall of sound hits us like a flash flood
Then we keep on moving 'cause we're flesh and blood

Now the crowowowd starts to move as one
You lose your miyiyind 'cause it's so much primitive fun
You feel that rururumbling way down below
That synthesiyiyizer noise begins to grow and grow.
It hypnotiyiyizes everyone in the room
Then the emcee drops it and the bottom goes boom
There ain't a sowowoul isn't covered in sweat
And the LEDs are flashing but it ain't nearly over yet


Plans to make and facts to face
There ain't no future in this place
Time's ticking away, time keeps ticking away
If we don't rise, then we will fall

We don't need an excess of caution
Doing nothing is not an option
Time's ticking away, time keeps ticking away
If we don't rise, then we will fall


For as long as I remember
I've been searching for the holyland
From across the ocean
Over the mountain to the desert sand
Under every rock and stone
Looking for a sacred plan

But now I understand
This is the holyland
Every drop of rain
Blade of grass
Grain of sand
Is in the holyland

Everywhere I go I see it
Even though so many want to stake their claim
They say history and gods foretell the answer
Conjure up some ancient game
Take away the gates and fences
Everything is all the same

No matter where you stand
You're in the holyland
Every hill and dale
Mountain stream
Forest stand
Earth is the holyland


I'm not a scientist
Everybody likes to brag these days
And yet they still insist
Twisting all the facts their way

Gravity is real
Just step off the ledge and you will fall
Summers get hotter
Winters get colder
Writing on the wall

You'd have to be blind
Eyes that will not see

You say God will handle everything
Seems like he ain't done shit so far
Take yourself for example
You're still wishing on a star
Wish upon that star

But you see God is a scientist
He don't play dice with the universe
  It don't take an Einstein
And your fake and cynical solutions
It's as if you're trying to make things worse
  And you know the reason

'Cause you never want to see the
Writing on the wall
  Don't want to see
Writing on the wall
  Turn your back to the wall
Writing on the all
  Hide your eyes now
Writing on the wall
  There it is
Writing on the wall
  Plain as day
Writing on the wall
  Don't look away
Writing on he wall
  Gotta face the truth
Writing on the wall

Earth Mother

Can I get a shout out from my sisters? (Yeah, brother)
Can I get a shout out from my girls? (Yeah, brother)
Can I get a shout out from my sisters? (Yeah, brother)
Now go out there and change (heal) the world
Earth Mother

Rosa sat in the front of the bus
The driver start to make a fuss
The end result was so unjust
But she was sitting in the front for the rest of us

R E S P E C T for my ladies
R E S P E C T for my girls

Malala went to school one day
It was against a rule they say
She went and studied anyway
Now Malala's got the Nobel Prize today

We got a little bit too much testosterone
Need a little more progesterone

Global Nation

Calling out to the planet
Calling out to the world

I want to wrap my arms around the world
And dance
Away the isolation
Away the separation
Away the tribulation
Our way to liberation
Global Nation

I want to wrap my arms around the world
And dance
Away the tribulation
Our way to inspiration
Away the indignation
Our way in celebration
Away the bad vibrations
Our way to liberation
Global Nation


Life is hard enough
Even if you do find love
It can be so tough
Losing what you're dreaming of

When your lovers are untrue
And the whole world seems out to hurt you
Know that I would try everything I knew

Just to soothe you
I will soothe you
Maybe I can't make that dream come true
But I can soothe you

I know how it feels
Trying hard to keep things real
But it's so plain to see
You don't have a heart of steel

And anytime I hear you weep
Suddenly I can't eat, can't sleep
Not until I've done all that I can do

Just to soothe you
I will soothe you
Maybe I can't make gray skies turn blue
But I can soothe you

Terra Firma

I am Christopher Columbus
On the bounding main
Searching for a new world
And I don't know when I'm back again
If I can find my way back home again

I am scanning the horizon
But there's nothing there to see
Wondering where to turn to
And the quest seems more like a fantasy
With every passing moment it seems to be
And that's the thing that frightens me

Whenever I feel afraid
I put my faith in terra firma
And I'm never far away
Because you're my terra firma

I am on Apollo seven
Heading into space
Where no man has ever ventured
And at times I feel so out of place
Then the moon looks like your shining face

I see Terra far below me
Green and white and blue
I know you are down there somewhere
But I feel so far away from you
Hoping that you're thinking of me too
Even though I know you always do

Whenever I feel alone
I come home to terra firma
The place that I call my own
Because you're my terra firma

I am off to great adventures
Leaving you behind
Far beyond the border
And I have no clue what I will find
But the thought of home never leaves my mind

Though the minutes stretch to hours
And the hours stretch to days
Through the trials and tribulations
When it seems like I'm so far away
And it's just too high a price to pay
There is one thing I can always say


Sitting at the table losing every hand
And the cards come up the same
I keep thinking I'll get lucky, something's gotta change
And I will catch a flame
I'm as cold as January, cursed as a Jonah
But I ca't quit the game

Another round, I am all in
I'll beat the odds, someday I'll win
Luck of the draw, Out of my hands
Whatever comes, it's up to chance
Wager it all, accept the deal
My fate is sealed

Gripped by an addiction
That is driving me to hell
But it's easily encouraged, everybody all around me
Has the malady as well
We would rather take our chances, bet away the future
Than face up to the smell

Gamble away the moon and stars
The world to be that is not ours
Drunk with the lust for easy wealth
We'll take the chance, bankrupt ourselves
We bet the farm, no turning back
Even or odd, on red or black
Our future is no longer ours
The outcome rests with higher powers
All bets are down, now spin the wheel
Our fate is selaed


Why don't you come on down from your skyscraper?
Why don't you come on down and join the party
Everybody from the hood is all here
We singin' oldies and drinkin' cold beer
So won't you come on down from your skyscraper?

Seen you riding around in your Escalade
Made all your bones but you never paid any attention
To the other dimension
You got a solid gold grill and an Armani suit
Big bodyguard and a haughty attitude

But what goes up comes down sooner or later
Think twice before you reach the elevator

Why don't you come on down from your skyscraper?
Why don't you come on down and join the party, 
Brothers and sisters, strangers and cousins
We playing' volleyball and doin' the dozens
So won't you come on down from your skyscraper?

You feel safe and secure in your castle in the sky
You don't have to be afraid of the average guy down below ya
Come on down and we'll show ya
You can keep all your money cause the party is free
We could be friends if you want to be
Because a good life spent/lived in an ivory tower
Don't mean a thing without some people power

This Island Earth

They say there may well be a million other planets
Just like this island Earth
And that the day will come when can travel there and 
stage some kind of rebirth
Until you realize they're so far away, so far away, light years away

There is no other place in this universe like this island Earth
We fantasize about despoiling other worlds
Like this island Earth

Some believe that aliens are testing us
Like they had eyes on this island Earth
We get amusement from crop circles
Or when a cow gets inverted
We want to think that we're not alone, we're not alone
All on our own

There are no aliens looking to take over this island earth
We are the only ones to blame for what becomes of this island earth
Because the garden world where we used to thrive
Will be a place where nothing living survives
And we finally realize we must strive to save this island earth

There is no other place in this universe like this island Earth
We have all the water in the galaxy, for what that is worth
We behave like we're not of this world
We turn the garden of eden to hell
Where is the love
For this island Earth?

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