Utopia: Oblivion, POV & Some Trivia




Todd Rundgren, Kasim Sulton, Roger Powell, Willie Wilcox


Todd Rundgren & Utopia

Release Date: 1983/1985/1986 re-issue 1996
Duration: 46:11/50:55
Label: Rhino
Catalog Number: R2 72287

Originally released on Passport individually, this 2-CD set includes all tracks from the three original releases. Includes full lyrics in CD booklet and new liner notes by Brett Milano.

  1. Itch In My Brain
  2. Love With A Thinker
  3. Bring Me My Longbow
  4. If I Didn't Try
  5. Too Much Water
  6. Maybe I Could Change
  7. Crybaby
  8. Welcome To My Revolution
  9. Winston Smith Takes It On The Jaw
  10. I Will Wait
  11. Fix Your Gaze
  12. Play This Game
  13. Style
  14. Stand For Something
  15. Secret Society
  16. Zen Machine
  17. Mated
  18. Wildlife
  19. Mimi Gets Mad
  20. Mystified
  21. More Light
  22. Man Of Action
  23. Monument

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