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Four In One


Call To The Grave

  The rain washes away and purifies
  It washed down the flesh we catered for
  And we who sell so much and wanted more
  The crows will come and peck away our eyes
  Perhaps [...]
  It drove us to these tides from which we swing
  Like [...] starlings on the wing
  Like horse's droppings on a country road
  Oh brothers learn from us, so it begins
  And pray to god that he'll forgive my sins

  The girls who flaunt their breasts as bait there
  To catch some sucker who will love them
  The youth so sly, they stand and wait there
  To grab their single earnings off them
  The crooks, the tarts, the tart protectors
  The muggers and the maggots
  The psychopath, the [...]
  I pray that they forgive my sin
  Someone has taken [...] crowbar
  And caved their ugly faces in
  I only ask to know it's over
  Pray that they forgive my sin

Mercy Mercy

  Have mercy, have mercy baby
  Have mercy, have mercy on me

  Well I went to see a gypsy
  And had my fortune read
  She said, "Todd, your baby's gonna leave you.
  The bags are packed up under the bed."
  And I cried...

  I said, "If you leave me baby,
  Girl if you put me down,
  Well I'm going to the nearest river child,
  And jump overboard and drown."

  Well now hey hey baby, hey hey now
  What are you trying to do?
  Well now hey hey baby, hey hey now
  Please don't say we're through.

  I say, "If you stay here baby,
  Tell you what I'm going to do.
  I'm going to work two jobs, seven days a week,
  And bring my money home to you."
  And I'm crying...

The Sold Out Artist

  Out in the street and
  under the sun.
  I kissed his feet and loaded his gun.
  Sooner or later everyone does!
  Everybody feeds the FAT BOY. Everybody feeds THE FAT BOY.

  They just DON'T GET IT!
  It's all about...suckin on something...
  Some suck scum, some suck tits, some just SUCK UP!
  They ALL suck something.
  Except Ted Williams...he never sucks.
  I'll be buried with my Ted Williams cards!
  He had 406 in 1941...put a side out the last game with a 3995...
  they go in the books as 400, but he PLAYED and he went 445.
  Ted Williams...he was a SAINT! ...VAMPIRES!
  Yeah, they all think I suck...
  I'll get a hundred grand for it! LET EM SUCK THAT! VAMPIRES...

The Ascetic

  Everyday I go upon the mountain
  climb to the top, but I don't know what for.
  It's quiet until I hear a voice from the mountain

  Ashes...my burned hut...
  But beautiful like cherries blooming from the hill
  One of my patients...just before he died
  And just before I left the hospital and began to travel
  If HE could face death so calmly, how can I face life with
  so much doubt? Now...I sit on the side of a mountain,
  and watch the shadows slowly filling the valleys below.
  But not without the doubts that still linger,
  and constantly caress the edges of my shadowy interior...
  At least a cathater expels impurities,
  in a manner of model effeciencies. And my previous profession
  always at least offered that. Fully vasectomies in clean and
  well-lit places. A sterile feel, seals from infecti[B,
  but not from disease. I often wonder if I left anyone behind?
  But somehow, I just can't remember. Only an oddly-defined try
  to find a better way. But somehow...I don't believe THIS IS IT!
  I think about India, and the Hindu concept of life,
  to be SO loved...and understand the space between REALITY AND
  PERCEPTION. And now...it seems that I live there...

The Aging Musician

  Run run run run. Run run as fast as you can
  You can't catch me...I'm The Gingerbread Man!
  Once upon a time I played electric guitar,
  and they said I was a rockin-roll star.
  Now nobody calls me on the telephone
  so I sit and watch TV all alone.
  Maybe if I put a bullet in my brain,
  they'll remember me like Kurt Cobain.
  And the parasites on MTV,
  Would wipe their eyes and act like they knew me!
  But I wouldn't be a hero I'd be DEAD!
  Just a corpse beside a note that read:
  If you'd like to pretend that you'll never get old,
  you got what it takes to rock and roll!

  Jagger...he was okay,
  none of this..."Lizzy Borden hairdresser crap!
  I just need a couple of REALLY GOOD PLAYERS!
  I can have a BAND again! Back on the road.
  Play REAL music...not this computer crap REAL music! We go BIG!
  Whatever happened to MUSIC? Now it's all about marketing and
  media coverage! GOD DAMN MTV! Every thing was okay before MTV!
  A supermarket freak can stop just about anything...who's ouzi?
  Nuthin's right anymore...not even TV!
  Davey Crockett said it all: If you're sure you're right then,
  go ahead! Now...nuthin's right...NUTHIN! GOD DAMN MTV!

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