Utopia: POV




Todd Rundgren
Roger Powell
Kasim Sulton
Willie Wilcox


Todd Rundgren and Willie Wilcox, co-produced by Kasim Sulton and Roger Powell

Release Date: 1985
Label: Passport
Catalog Number: PB 6044

  1. Play This Game
  2. Style
  3. Stand For Something
  4. Secret Society
  5. Zen Machine
  6. Mated
  7. Wildlife
  8. Mimi Gets Mad
  9. Mystified
  10. More Light
  11. Man Of Action

Play This Game

  I could be jealous and grasping with greed
  I could pretend that I want something I don't need
  These are the things that go through my head
  But then, I could be an angel disguised as a man
  I could be the sun that shines in the midnight land

  If you would only stand in my corner
  Give that advantage to me
  Don't you feel something?
  You know what I'm thinking but
  I can't set it free
  We must

  Play this game, take the prize
  But not before you realize
  That win or lose, it's all the same
  Then maybe we can play this game

  I can't remember the reason I'm here
  Sometimes it seems like it's all out of habit or fear
  Sometimes I wish I could just go to sleep
  But then, I'll have a dream with a beautiful end
  I'll wake up and feel alive, then I'm off again

  If I could only keep your connection
  Give me whatever remains
  Then I might win you total liberation
  But I can't break these chains
  We must

  Play this game
  Let's pretend that we could never reach the end
  For it would be a crying shame
  If we can't learn to play this game

  Stand in my corner
  Give that advantage to me
  Stand in my corner
  Pull down a message with me
  The answer that evades our brains
  We only think we're wearing chains


  Style must not be underrated
  Style is often overlooked
  Style is never in the papers
  I read it like an open book
  If you can't see the substance
  Style shows how it's organized
  Style is looking for your money
  It's in the way you paint your eyes

  There is always a way
  A way things are done
  I've been learning my ABC's
  I know what is 10, I know what is 1 in

  Style is a naked look
  Underneath your style
  Style of a different place
  Talking through your style

  Even the way you hide it
  Reveals the thing you hide
  Your style may never cause a riot
  It's still a style to have no style

  There is always a way
  To light up a lamp
  It's been a crazy year all around
  The check never came
  I can't let it cramp my

  Style is a world for sale
  You can't buy this style
  Style that you can't resist
  You won't cramp my style

Stand For Something

  When you cry
  I know you've got a good reason to cry
  If you can't come
  I know it's not just an alibi
  Now I hear things that are better kept under the hat
  Who backs it up?
  Look at your hand, you can count on that
  When you talk, it's hard to disagree
  And when you dance, you're talking to me

  When you stand, you stand for something
  Stand for something
  They can't dim your flame
  When you stand, you stand for something
  Stand for something
  They can't bend your stream

  Here I stand
  Outside the world of politica
  I would not lose that
  For all the gold in South Africa
  What you wear did not come easy
  What you hear sounds different to me

  When you stand, you're standing next to me

  You put your foot down every day
  Make sure you bring it down on the up beat
  So walk away those feet of clay
  We are fighting and dancing in the street

Secret Society

  When we were young they would break our hearts
  You and I had to go undercover
  We knew in time we would be pulled apart
  We found a way we could hold on to each other
  Gave our souls to another world
  Sealed in blood with a sacred vow
  Now we've forgotten but beneath all this
  A part of you and me is still there now

  Go on and sing
  Go on and dance
  It'll all come back if you just give it a chance

  Don't you remember me?
  We had a secret society
  Refresh your memory
  We were the secret society

  I never see you in the waking world
  We make an effort to avoid each other
  But every night we penetrate the veil
  Where everybody acts like sister and brother
  You never speak the words in broad daylight
  They're much too delicate and too naive
  But everybody's been a witness sometime
  It doesn't change it if you don't believe

  So go on and sing
  Go on and dance
  Someday soon you'll hear that little bell ring

  And you'll remember me
  We have a secret society
  Not just a memory
  We are the secret society
  You've got to come with me
  You're in the secret society
  Until eternity
  We are the secret society (It's no secret)

Zen Machine

  You're always finding out
  About the things that people never talk about
  I didn't ask to know
  But now I'm compensating as I go
  I know the script I'm in
  I'm only thoughts of heaven trapped in flesh and skin
  And from the world of men
  I try to tighten up the code again

  And the code is a play
  A play is a song
  A song is a film
  A film is a dance

  Boot me up on the Zen Machine
  Log me onto the Zen Machine
  Load me down
  Everybody get ready
  Hook me into the Zen Machine
  Sharing time on the Zen Machine
  Load me up
  Everybody get ready

  Sometimes it's clear to me
  Then for a moment I'm in timeless ecstasy
  There are no reasons why
  And everyone's a passer-by
  But when they've gone to bed
  A fire's burning on the screen and in my head
  And on a windy day
  You can smell it from a mile away

  And the smell is a note
  A note is a taste
  A taste is a hue
  A hue is a touch


  Everyone asks
  Are we some kind of lovers?
  Everyone asks what you're doing with me
  I know this is not what they want
  They're afraid you've been blinded
  But I already know how it's going to be

  If anyone should ask
  Say we're mated
  For as long as this life lasts
  We are mated
  Why else would you be here right now
  And you know we'll still be here tomorrow

  Nobody else understands what I'm doing
  Nobody else makes me act in this way
  And because they can't comprehend
  What we mean to each other
  They won't leave you alone
  So you know what to say

  I hold you in my heart
  'Cause we're mated
  In a very special part
  We are mated
  Why else would I be here right now
  And you know I'll still be here tomorrow

  I see things far ahead, maybe light
  Maybe beautiful children
  I don't have words I'm thinking of
  But it's way beyond what they call love


  Mommy told me she has everything I want
  Mommy told me that I should not worry 'bout nothing else
  Mommy told me that I can't do what I want
  Mommy told me
  But she's only thinking about herself
  Can't think about nothing else
  I'm thinking about myself
  Time to leave and it's just as well
  'Cause I can't help thinking there's something else


  So I told he that I must have something more than she offered
  And she should not worry about my health

  I'm a big boy, not her little boy no more
  I'm a big boy and I must learn how to protect myself
  Hold my own when they give me hell
  She can worry about herself

  Tiny eagles must leave their nest
  Wild horses withstand the test
  Old lovers become estranged
  Little boys who can't help but change
  Could be nothing but who can tell?

Mimi Gets Mad

  I'll never grow up, I won't try
  I can live with that, don't ask why
  I am resigned that this is me
  If I can take it, why can't she?

  I am bad at my best, but she will not accept that
  I can't get away with things I might regret
  She makes me get started when nothing's ever through
  And I do the best that I can do but

  Mimi gets mad when I make her wait
  Mimi gets mad when I phone too late
  But then Mimi gets sad if I hurt myself
  Can't say that about nobody else

  Someone should tell her honestly
  She is a fool to count on me
  I swore there would be no delay
  I should have been here yesterday

  So I sneak in the door and there she is again
  She could squeeze off a shot just as soon as look at me
  She don't say a word and every word is true
  And if that's the best that I can do then

  Mimi gets mad every time I'm wrong
  Mimi gets mad when I sleep too long
  But then Mimi gets glad when I do my share
  See no smile but I know it's there

  There must be a dozen other boys
  She could give her anger to
  I'm the only one, it doesn't matter what I do
  It's not very pretty but it's absolutely true
  That I'm still the best that she can do so

  Mimi gets mad


  I'm sitting here looking at your picture
  I see a light all around your head
  You got a green I ain't never seen
  And what a strange shade of red

  And everything is turning inside out
  And something gets ahold of me
  And turns me inside out

  There is a place where the others go
  You can forget everything you know
  But every night is the same to me
  Lying awake and longing to be

  Cannot help myself
  Could not stop myself

  You got a wishing well in your eye
  The surface starts to ripple
  Pardon me, what might your entendre be?
  I'm seeing double, sometimes triple

  Every thought wears a thin disguise
  It's not a thing that I can verbalize
  But if you knew what I was looking for
  You'd get off your ass and walk out that door

  	Last night I was laying down sleeping
  	You know I was dreaming all to myself
  	In the evening, darling when the sun goes down
  	Whoa! You know it's mighty hard to tell
  	Tell me what more can a good man do?

  You hold the world hostage in your mind
  Standards and practices are well defined
  But if you choose to walk a different road
  Hold onto your hat, your head might explode

More Light

  I think the last time I was warm was in my mother
  Now I'm listening in the darkness
  	but there's nothing on the wire
  I'm locked inside the refrigerator
  So while I sit and shiver
  I rub the sticks together
  And if it takes forever
  	I will find my way back to the fire

  Heat is not enough
  More light
  Love is strong enough
  More light
  Faith is not enough
  More light
  Everybody must be touched

  I think that we don't need another great communicator
  And there's a million extended mixers we are ready to retire
  We all face obsolescence sooner or later
  So while we sit and shiver
  We rub the sticks together
  And if it takes forever
  	we will find our way back to the fire

Man Of Action

  You got all the time in the world
  You count the minutes like beads on a string
  Open the floor for a little debate
  While you sit and watch the rug unravelling
  You got a message from the weather man
  You're looking for a thumb when there's a hole to fill
  Who bites the bullet?
  Man of action will
  Call me. Have gun. Will travel.

  Think about it, ponder on that
  If you can't make that move, man of action will
  Think about it, ponder on this
  With a fist or a kiss
  I'll put your dreams in action

  Pressure's building up and down the line
  You see the difference in the smallest thing
  Put a new tape in your message machine
  Hit the shelters 'til you see what change will bring
  Sometimes justice seems a fragile thing
  You paralyze it with a lack of will
  Trade in your karma
  Man of action will
  Call the avenging angel

  Think about it, ponder on this
  If you can't make that move, man of action will
  Think about it, ponder on that
  Time to cut through the fat
  I am your first reaction

  Someone's got to push it on
  Someone's got to shake it on
  Someone's got to take it on
  Man of action will

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