Utopia: Oops! Wrong Planet




Todd Rundgren
Roger Powell
Kasim Sulton
Willie Wilcox


Todd Rundgren

  1. Trapped
  2. Windows
  3. Love In Action
  4. Crazy Lady Blue
  5. Back On The Street
  6. Marriage Of Heaven And Hell
  7. The Martyr
  8. Abandon City
  9. Gangrene
  10. My Angel
  11. Rape Of The Young
  12. Love Is The Answer


  Brother John saw visions of God
  So they put him in chains
  For acting too odd
  As the crowd shouted, "Off with his head"
  The priest said, "Have mercy
  Let's burn him instead"

  Trapped in a world that he never made

  I woke up with my head on the floor
  In a windowless cell
  A room full of doors
  I got lost, now I'm so far behind
  Took so much advice
  Forgot my own mind

  Trapped in a world that I never made

  We can't be slowed down by a big bunch of lip
  And nobody cares about your paranoid trip
  You know death and the devil sure got it easy today
  Souls come so cheap some people give theirs away
  You've got to break out, you've got to prove you're alive
  What makes you think that the weak survive

  And if you don't have the stomach
  For all this radical crap
  Then have the guts to stand for something
  Or you're gonna be trapped

  Trapped in a world that you never made


  You took that last corner too fast
  Careened up against the side wall
  For a moment everything went black
  Woke up inside somebody else's hideaway in a distant place
  Don't know your name or know this face
  And what you don't know hurts you so
  It can only be that way
  Feel yourself becoming someone else
  We may yet see that light at the end of the tunnel
  If we can find a way to keep things under control
  The web of life connects each of us to the other
  So it's no use pretending that you alone run the show
  Just like a moth too close to the fire explodes
  Though the myth is exposed
  You're still looking for windows in the sky
  Supernatural paradise is the place you are looking for
  All you need is a miracle divine
  All that's left is you alone
  Loneliness is all you own
  Feel yourself becoming someone else

Love In Action

  No place to hide
  And no where to run
  Nothing you can do because a change must come
  You can't stop it

  You got your tail in the air
  Your head in the ground
  Money, money, money makes your world go 'round
  You can't stop it

  You can't stop, you can't stop, you can't stop, you can't stop
  You can't stop love in action

  You just joined the clan
  Your head's full of sand
  You need a bunch of friends to make you feel like a man
  But you can't stop it

  Yeah, you could be the last trace of the master race
  The Nazis really send you to another place
  Still you can't stop it
  You can't stop love in action

Crazy Lady Blue

  Lost through a hole in the garden wall
  On the wrong side of the looking glass
  Call, should you need a companion home
  You know you only need to ask

  Crazy Lady Blue
  I sympathize with what you're going through
  Crazy Lady Blue
  I'm crazy just to have you be my love

  Hide in the puzzle you call your world
  Baby, I know all about the game
  Cry when the walls of the maze crash down
  I'll come and take away your pain

  Crazy Lady Blue
  Someday your head may get the best of you
  Crazy Lady Blue
  I'm crazy just to have you be my love

Back On The Street

  They tell me I've paid back the debt I owed
  Forty-four months since the slammer door closed
  They give me a suit and put me back on the road
  And my thoughts are racing
  Where do I go? What am I supposed to live on?
  What happens when the twenty-five dollars is gone?
  That leaves me lots of time to wonder why I was born
  But the countdown is on

  Everybody's dancing
  The music sounds entrancing
  But you can't find the beat
  It's the ticking of a thousand human time bombs
  Who are back on the street

  Oh the names have been changed
  But the story's the same
  History will repeat
  Add it all up and then divide it by zero
  'Cause you're back on the street

  I can't stand the strain of this job no more
  I must have forgot what I took it on for
  I make lots of money, yet still I want more
  And my head is blazing
  I think that I'll check out the shops downtown
  Sometimes it helps to buy things when I feel brought down
  At this hour I might dodge those hippie low-life's around
  But the countdown is on

  Once you had to stand out
  Looking for a handout
  Free love and body heat
  And that money's just a crumpled green ball in your pocket
  When you're back on the street

  Back on the street again
  Said you're back on the street again
  The countdown is on
  And nobody knows when

  Spreading like a cancer
  Looking for the answer
  In everyone you meet
  And each in his way has a hustle to play
  When he's back on the street

Marriage Of Heaven And Hell

  I don't know the reason why I seem to need a release
  I can't stand to beg for favors like a child on his knees
  But I won't go on a minute 'til I get me some peace
  On the road to Armageddon

  I done things I'd be ashamed to see in black and white
  There are times I miss distinctions over wrong and right
  But I'm gonna get an answer when I get there tonight
  On the road to Armageddon

  It's the wrong world
  I must be on the wrong planet
  I been checkin' it out
  And I know what it's all about

  Mr. and Mrs. Universe
  In their cabin in the sky
  She's a little bit of heaven
  He's one hell of a guy
  And like all suburban couples they may have a spat
  But that is that
  It's back to normal
  And it's your night to feed the cat

  Let us raise a glass
  And we'll drink a toast
  And the devil will dance
  With the Holy Ghost
  And the good and the wicked
  The strong and frail
  They will all join hands
  At the end of the world

The Martyr

  Why, why was I born to know what I must know
  I can see the sky, but I can't see the ground below
  Where do I go

  Falling in a trap where traitors wait
  Lost love is the bait
  But the martyr never knows
  He is caught in a dream of his own
  When it's over where does he go
  Who really knows

  Time stands between me and my home
  So long ago
  I can't stand to wait
  But I can't force my body to go
  Where do I go

  Crying, he is blind to everyone
  And that's how its done
  And the martyr never knows
  Who really knows
  I know in my heart
  I could change the world
  With just this guitar
  Who really knows

Abandon City

  Did you see the color of the water coming out of the tap?
  Did you hear the chatter of the hammer
  	when you're trying to nap?
  There's nothing on the counter at the A&P store
  The bank don't even bother now to open the door
  It ain't pretty, pity

  Abandon City
  Everybody over the side
  The hour is late, they're closing the gate, no time to decide
  Abandon City
  Yeah, you better run for your lives
  There's nothing to spare
  The cupboard is bare
  The bees have all left the hive

  Someone's doing a non-stop performance
  	of "The Rape of the Lock"
  No one's got the nerve to take a tiptoe after seven o'clock
  And everybody's looking for a piece of the rock
  And I just want to get my cadillac out of hock
  Too much nitty gritty


  If it's dangerous, illegal, sick, strange, or obscene
  You can get it from the man if your money is green
  He says, "You can have it"
  He knows once you get it
  You won't be satisfied
  But the things that my brothers try to do to their brains
  The thought makes my blood begin to boil in my veins
  But it's a case of "We want it right when we want it"
  They can't be satisfied

  Gangrene, dying one inch at a time
  Gangrene, sell your freedom by minutes
  Flesh by the pound

  I got a mind of my own and I need to enjoy
  Something that the mercenaries can't destroy
  I don't know where to find it but 'til I get it
  I can't be satisfied
  So we take to the road like a thief on the run
  Regroup underground and find our own kind of fun
  But seems whenever we find it
  Somebody buys it
  We can't be satisfied

  Gangrene, dying one inch at a time
  Gangrene, that's all the vampires leave behind

  Fifty million kids with nothing better to do
  Than sit around like a zombie and stare at the tube
  They'll sap your strength and suck your soul and
  Feed you their trash
  'Til your mind is left blank
  And your dreams have been smashed

My Angel

  Walk the line
  It's not easy
  I must stand alone
  It's the kind of a life I've chosen
  Right or wrong

  I can feel
  Near me always
  Something to live up to
  Someone to depend upon

  When I have fallen from grace
  When I grow weak from the pace
  I can feel the breath of gentle wings on my face

  And when the world closes in around me
  Then my angel
  Will come and roll away the stone
  Like a hand reaching down from the heavens

  And when the darkness falls all around me
  Then my angel
  Will come and draw aside the veil
  I am safe in the arms of my angel

  In my mind I know
  That a pair of sweet eyes is watching me
  Wherever I go

  Is it real?
  Am I dreaming?
  Sometimes I don't know
  But I want to believe it's so
  Let me dream on

  Is it profane or divine
  Am I insane? I feel fine
  I can close my eyes but I still see it shine

Rape Of The Young

  Hey Mister Exxon
  	Won't you have pity
  	Won't you have pity on the guiltless ones
  Hey Mister Chrysler
  	Won't you think about it
  	Won't you think about it? Judgment Day has begun
  What will become of tomorrow's children
  Who gives a damn for tomorrow's children
  Pay no mind, you just keep on takin'
  Keep on takin' 'til there's nothing at all
  Sit on your hands and don't say nothin'
  Cover your eyes, you won't see nothin'

  Cry for the innocent sent to war
  	(Don't tell a soul)
  Shed a tear for the one's waiting at the door
  	(They'll never know)
  It's the last generation of a world gone blind
  	(You better watch your tongue)
  It's the violation of the unborn child
  It's the rape of the young

  Hey Mister General
  	Can't you find something
  	Can't you find something else to do for a buck
  Hey Mister President
  	Nobody listens
  	Nobody listens 'til we've run out of luck
  Nobody cares for unborn troubles
  Why should you care, it's too much trouble
  You got yours so it just don't bug ya
  It just don't bug ya 'cause you won't be around

Love Is The Answer

Name your price
A ticket to paradise
I can't stay here any more
And I've looked high and low
I've been from shore to shore to shore
If there's a short cut I'd have found it
But there's no easy way around it

Light of the world, shine on me
Love is the answer
Shine on us all, set us free
Love is the answer

Who knows why
Someday we all must die
We're all homeless boys and girls
And we are never heard
It's such a lonely world
People turn their heads and walk on by
Tell me, is it worth just another try?

Tell me, are we alive, or just a dying planet?
What are the chances?
Ask the man in your heart for the answers

And when you feel afraid, love one another
When you've lost your way, love one another
When you're all alone, love one another
When you're far from home, love one another
When you're down and out, love one another
All your hope's run out, love one another
When you need a friend, love one another
When you're near the end, love one another
We got to love one another

Light of the world, you got to shine
Love will be a means, yeah, yeah
Shine on us all
Know that love can save the day
Just give it one more chance
Lord you just can't let it stop Lord
Love is the answer
Got to be free to let love into your life
Let it shine

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