TR-i: No World Order Lite




Todd Rundgren


Todd Rundgren

Release Date: 1994
Duration: 40:22
Label: Forward
Catalog Number: R2 71744

All the music that will ever be written has already been written -- as "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is "More Than A Feeling" is "Louie, Louie," world without end, amen.

Since music was "discovered," not invented, so-called new music is only newly discoverd music. When I was 16 or so, me and my friends discovered the blues. Later I discovered jazz and musique concrète and Ravel. Believe it or not, I once discovered the Beatles.

The music on this CD is not new, but most of it is previously undiscovered. Its predecessor, No World Order, version 1.0, includes much of the same thematic material, albeit in a form that makes discovery of the "song" somewhat challenging.

So what is the difference? Doesn't the term "lite" (which isn't even in the dictionary) connote that something is missing or been replaced with an inert substitute. What's missing is the implication that this music has no ultimate form, the assertion that the listener is mistaken in the belief that things belong in a certain order. What would "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" be without "With A Little Help From My Friends" to follow it up?

In reality, no such rules apply to any music. At the last minute, musicians decide in what order to present their discoveries, and the permanence of plastic makes those decisions sacrosanct, immutable.

So here, yet again, is the penultimate presentation of my recent musical discoveries. Which is the absolute ultimate? The one you have most recently discovered.

-- TR-i

  1. Worldwide Epiphany
  2. Love Thing
  3. Property
  4. Day Job
  5. Fascist Christ
  6. No World Order
  7. Time Stood Still
  8. Proactivity
  9. Word Made Flesh
  10. Fever Broke

Worldwide Epiphany

Worldwide epiphany
Worldwide epiphany, epiphany

Down in the lowlands to the top of the hill
Don't know what's comin', but we know that it will
Blind in Benares, deaf and dumb in LA
Hiding in Africa, but nobody gets away

Give it up one more time for the king of soul
Let the good times roll, bring it on, bring it on
Dusk 'til dawn, the landlady's gone
Send the bill to the government, pack it in cement

Babies and bachelors, fishes, cabbages, and queens
Can't hear it comin', but we know what it means
Boats upon the ocean, every plane in the air
Never know just how or when, but we always know where

Take it from the ground up, this is the last roundup
You can't win, and you can't break even
You can't be leavin' the game anyway
You've got to stay 'cause we came to play

It's a new gene, a new wavelength, or maybe it's a virus
Put the fire in us and inspire us
To trust and lust for the good life
And all that is required of us

Turn to the headline news as if we had a right to choose
To have no views as the rocket's red glare pollutes the air,
And we swear that it can't happen here
And we'll never be there

We got the right to know, which means
We got the right to misunderstand
And slant the plan to help our hand and man
They call it a culture, but it sucks you in like quicksand

Killer bees finally make it to Tokyo
Juliet never made it with Romeo
But check out the video later
Terminator III's gonna preview the next fifty years or so

Love Thing

I need something, I need some sweet thing
I need something to help me get on, help me get on by
Love thing

Sometimes I feel like I've been trapped in a container
Pushed through a strainer, but I ain't no complainer
Think I'm going crazy, there, now I'm insaner
What could be plainer, it's a no-brainer

The truth is always wherever you find it
Throw back the curtain, see what's behind it
Look hard at life and the ties that bind it
Day after day we must be reminded

Everything I had is gone, it's so dark it must be dawn
Where's that reason to go, reason to go on and on

Give what you ain't got to give, lord have mercy on me
Drinkin' up blood and sweat and tears, I ain't afraid to ask
Give it to me love thing, well being

Why do I always look down when I want to look up
Why do I shake somebody down when I'm feelin' shook up
Why do I wander around when I want to hook up
Why am I puttin' it down when I wanna pick up

One of these days I'm gonna make my decision
And act upon it while I still got volition
But I've got so many ideas in collision,
It makes it hard to be a man with a mission

I need something, I need some sweet thing
I need something to help me get on, help me get on by
I need something to clear my head
I need something to warm my bed
I need something, some sweet thing
Everything I had is gone, it's so dark it must be dawn
Where's that reason to go, reason to go on and on

Tell me lies, I know the truth but tell me lies
Just like a breath of fresh air blowin' through my lonely spirit
Love thing, well being
Love thing


I'll be your fantasy, but I won't be your property
Love you eternally, but I'll never be your property
Love from me's not guaranteed
Just because you think I'm property
I can love you totally and still not be your property

Every girl and boy wants to grow up to be loved someday
And you can't wait to give your heart away
But it's like worship in their eyes walking down the aisle
When you slip on that ring, they start to treat you like a thing, yeah

I call it slavery when you call someone your property
Don't waste your vanity, I will never be your property

Something wonderful happens when people fall in love
Your happiness is all they're thinking of
But it's like "anything you say" 'til the wedding day
When they get it in ink, they start to tell you what to think, yeah

Darkest day in history when someone invented property
Cause of our misery is the constant lust for property

Since god began it, we've been dividing up the planet
When you see something you want it
You've got to put your name tag on it
And we go on carving, meanwhile half the world is starving
It's a crime .. hands off what is mine!

Take all you can 'til you slam on the parking brake
And you need space to make your own mistakes
But it's like "I won't hold you back" 'til the bags are packed
Then they're struttin' about like they own you inside out

I call it slavery (you can't make me a slave),
  when you call someone your property
Don't waste your vanity (don't be so vain),
  I will never be your property
Darkest day in history (why did you have to do a thing like that)
  when someone invented property
Cause of our misery (misery, misery)
  is the constant lust for property

Day Job

Don't quit your day job

A bit wiser and a whole lot older, feelin' bolder
Suckin' up to the last stockholder with a
Golden parachute slung over your shoulder

Another fool got stuck in the whirlpool
Lookin' for a fast break, not enough cake to go 'round
Another brother goes down, and he's out of the gene pool

Day after day, night after night if the money is right
The campaign goes on to make right seem wrong
With computer animation and a hip-hop song

Land of opportunity, this is the
Don't quit your day job

Suckin' up to the aristocracy
Not even sure if you like democracy
Tryin' to establish an american royalty, a personal dynasty

Let the buyer beware, it's a jungle out there
So buy my advice and don't think twice
Then me and your money will go someplace sunny

Kiss and tell, got a book to sell
'Cause you don't excel or do anything well
Since you slipped past thirty, better keep the sex dirty

Mo' money, mo' money, mo' money

Fascist Christ

Founding fathers and mothers left us a mandate
We've got to separate the church and the state
So get your head straight before it's too late
And you drop it in the plate, you must appreciate

Jesus and money make a man speak in tongues
Scream out his lungs, roll in the dung
And when the song is sung, he moves up another rung
And the deaf and the dumb are the ones who get stung

Here comes the sex police, they're at your bedroom door
Movin' in next door, searchin' from floor to floor
You know what they're lookin' for
Someone's always keepin' score every time you dip the oar

Love isn't fun no more

Fascist christ, come to the rescue
Gimme that old time religion, here it comes

Let's get fundamental about this strange philosophy
In which god and man are enemies
In which there is no serenity unless you happen to believe
Precisely what they want you to believe, and no diversity

Come join the army and learn the noises
That drown out the others' voices and please the devil
Who rejoices when mankind has no choices
And power exploits us, and peace avoids us

Guess who to the rescue on a holy mission
To uphold the tradition of the Spanish Inquisition
And preempt your decision by forcing your confession
Now let that be a lesson

Who do you think you're messin' with?

Somebody took our god away

No World Order

Let me tell you 'bout the new world order
Not the kind to make you run for the border
It's a new religion wrapped in a revolution
With a proven solution for your mental pollution

Don't let no one tell you that god ain't got a sense of humor
Someone said he's pissed off, but that was just a rumor
I know he's laughin' when the preacher starts to scream about
How trippin' is evil, and sex is unclean

Cars and gold bars and chains and diamond rings
These are the symbols, we want the real things
Peace in the soul and a natural insight
Things that please the mind and make the body feel right

Nature wants your life to go on long and on strong
To have children and show them where you went wrong
So if your life style leads you into hell or into prison
Wake up and listen, this is what you're missing

Free will, we can't seem to get our fill
We are beggers, we are choosers drunk on a lack of power
I believe in understanding, I've got to know where we're landing
I'm takin' my survey now, hands up if you're with me
Do you want different choices? Can't hear the quiet voices
Got to dim all the lights, turn down the volume
Put on a little more forgiveness, who's gonna be my witness?
If we must endure this trial, someone is bound to touch us

Do you want more sex, more comforting
A little more foreplay and afterglow, let my people go
Everybody wants peace on the earth, children sheltering
Calling every man, every woman
We're gonna take control of our own bodies

Peace breaks out in the battle of the sexes
We start to learn what the other one expects is
We stay away from what the other one rejects is
And have respect for individual perspectives

We're gonna break out of this cycle of dependency
And liberate each other from a hopeless life of drudgery
And face up to the truth as we dispel all of this secrecy
And simplify the situation when we learn to speak plainly

We're gonna take control of the machinery
Bad little actors that chew up the scenery
Job number one is gonna be findin' a way
That we can rave all night and meditate all day

Mankind's strugglin' hard to see the light
To hear the voice of the spirit in the night
To lay down his heavy burden and pick up his soul power
And build a heaven on earth hour by hour by hour

Child protection, more careful mate selection
Everyone wants to be wanted by a natural father and mother
Lookin' for a sense of wonder, don't let your faith go under
This is a beautiful world, if we could only give up fighting
The answer is surrender, every race, every gender
Beat our swords into plowshares on the anvil of a pure heart
We gotta have honest answers and the courage to take our chances
Opporunity's knockin' loud, give me your attention

Time Stood Still

Walkin' along the sea and thinkin'
Deep in a reverie I'm sinkin'
Blind to the world, to myself I'm talkin'
Schemin' and dreamin' and sleepwalkin'

Dreamin' of colors, dreamin' of sounds
Dreamin' of things that can't be wrote down
Slippin' away so no one will miss me
Waitin' for angels to kiss me and bliss me

Time stood still
And nobody knew but me and you

What's the meaning of all that I've seen
All those images up on the screen
Which is the channel that's goin' to show me
Answers to questions I don't even know

This is the light I stand in the glare of
I'm here and I'm there, but I'm always aware of
Singin' a song in the back of my mind
Something mysterious, something divine

How many hours, I hear you breathing?
How many days, I smell your skin?
How many years, I watch the ceiling?
How many times, the fog comes rollin' in?

This is the light I stand in the glare of
I'm here and I'm there, but I'm always aware of
Singin' the song in the back of my mind
Something mysterious, something divine

Time stood still
And nobody knew but you and I


My new fashion is the ultimate reaction
Proactivity, proactivity yeah
No more waiting for what fate may be creating
Proactivity, proactivity yeah
Keepin' an eye on that karma goin' by
Proactivity, proactivity yeah
Ever ready and my gaze is rock steady
Proactivity for me, proactivity yeah

Wake up and face the animal in you
The frightened lizard that wants to win you
That wants the madness to continue
Screwed into every sinew

Go on pretending you don't know the ending
All the things that you weren't intending
But your broadcast continued sending
Now you're just hoping to blend in

I can't digs it, no one else is gonna fix it
Proactivity for me, proactivity yeah
Air keeps stinkin' while we sit here thinkin'
No activity, proactivity yeah
Keep on fakin', it's a fake world you're makin'
Proactivity, proactivity yeah
Crash test dummies never saw it comin'
Inactivity, proactivity yeah

Look who's talkin', the last believer
I'm the one who was happy with neither
The last to come and the first to leave it
I tossed my faith in the river

My mistake, my philosophy busted
I watched my future become encrusted
I had a dream, but I refused to trust it
Now I've finally sussed it

Word Made Flesh

Suck my breast, I'm the word made flesh
Ain't no rest for the word made flesh

My lips are moving but I hear no sound
It's that same old noise, it's in sensurround
Tune yourself up and count yourself down

Word made flesh, word made flesh
Lord help me rise to this occasion
Word made, word made flesh
I've been toiling so hard in the vineyard

Pay your debts to the word made flesh
East meets west in the word made flesh

I see you talking, but I still can't hear
Like a box of glass blocking off my ears
Turn off the charm and prey on your fears

Brainless pests for the word made flesh
Wall Street desks curse the word made flesh

Fever Broke

Numb is the word when I get like this
Still out of touch, still couldn't feel a kiss, a kiss
Bells going off, but I can't say why
Trapped in the house with the walls and the roof on fire
On fire
Flames rise higher
Fever broke
Fever broke as you watched over me
Land of opportunity, this is the
Don't quit your day job

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