Todd Rundgren: Healing


Todd Rundgren


Todd Rundgren


Todd Rundgren

Release Date: 2/9/1981
Duration: 53:58
Label: Rhino
Catalog Number: RNCD 70874

  1. Healer
  2. Pulse
  3. Flesh
  4. Golden Goose
  5. Compassion
  6. Shine
  7. Healing Part I
  8. Healing Part II
  9. Healing Part III
  10. Time Heals
  11. Tiny Demons


My child, I had a visitation in my sleep last night
Something was calling to me from a blinding light
And told me not to fear it, hear it

It said, "It's time to make the world a little wiser.
There are enough destroyers and criticizers.
The world needs a healer, healer."

And I awoke, my heart was pounding
'Cause it was not like me to have such dreams
But I could not fall asleep for wondering
Why the messenger had come to me

My child, I am too old and I am set in my ways
But now I realize just what the voice conveyed
You will be a healer, healer

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice
Because the healer comes
The healer comes

Your destiny I lay before you
But then the choice was never yours nor mine
When it's time to take this burden on you
Then I will take the one you leave behind


Step by step by step by step by
Steps grow longer
'Til it's just like stepping in another world

Feel that pulse that pulse that pulse
That pulse go stronger
Like a breath line coming from another world

Don't want to leave my old world but I can't deny
What it is that draws me on
Like a magnet pulling from another world

Don't know what I'll find in the new world
But I'm not afraid of the sound that calls me on
Like a siren singing in another world

Here comes a change, and another change,
	and another change
And another wave of change
Like a heartbeat pumping from another world


Oh the law is the law
For no man wrote the law
They who would change the law just abuse it
Oh the law is the law
There is no justice outside the law
But if you know the law, you can use it

If you will, then you will
For nothing can withstand your will
As your faith is so you are
Where your mind is there you are
Just as action follows thought
You can be whole again
Be healed again
And make your body follow

You are but flesh and flesh will obey
You are but flesh and flesh must obey

Whoa your life is your life
No one else can live your life
And the debts of your life
You must pay them
If a man knows the law
He gets help from the law
Only fools fear the law that can save them

Golden Goose

If you know how to catch a mouse
The world will beat a pathway to your door
But since the first one's found our house
I can appreciate the saying more

I don't know
What they expect to find
I don't know
I can't make up my mind

They say he's got a special gift
But I don't envy him at all
They started camping in the yard
They've got their ears pressed up against the wall

I don't know
How long can this go on
I don't know
How did it last this long

Everybody wants an egg from the golden goose
But no one cares if they're the one
	who kills the golden goose
Everybody wants an egg from the golden goose
I wonder just how many eggs are in the golden goose?

A paparazzi's at the door
He says he's here from People Magazine
And there's some lady on the phone
Wants him to advertise designer jeans


You want more, and still more,
Until you get more than you ever bargained for.
Now its plain, clear as rain,
I've seen your symptoms many times before.

	Lying on your bed of pain
	What will you have now?

What are riches untold in a life without compassion?
For there's no winter as cold
	as a life without compassion.
There's no prescription that's sold
	that can heal you like compassion.

Well you tried and you cried,
And let your disappointment make you hard inside.
You have doubt, you reach out,
Still you're the only one you care about.

	Hiding in your sack of woe
	What do you need now?

For there is nothing so sad
	as a life without compassion.
And even love has turned bad,
	it was love without compassion.
And you don't need what you had
	'Cause you did not have compassion.

	Dying on your bed of pain
	What will you have now?

You'll get no judgment from me,
	I can only feel compassion.
And if that's what you need,
	I will give you my compassion.
Just don't forget about me
	'Cause we all need some compassion.

Open up your heart
	so you can start to feel compassion.
Get down on your knees,
	pray to heaven for compassion.
Everybody needs compassion.
If you want to be healed
	then you know you got to feel compassion.


Now as the evening sun sets on you healer
Your day is over, your light is fading away at last
And the wolves howl after the healer
Fighting for pieces, bits of his shattered remains
All who could know it
First they curse you then they warn you so
Then they use you and then they go on
'Til they curse you and there's no more
And they turn off all the light
	that you were giving away
And they burn off but they just don't seem to shine
Is it all gone, is there no one who will shine?

Don't let the secret out, it's much too early
They are not ready but the hour is close at hand
For the wolves of the world are still hungry
But they are dying, there is no healing for them

You will know by the signs you have seen before
In your seeds of life there are more to come
The healer was not alone
He will turn on all the light
	that they've been hiding away
Turn on the light
He will burn off
Come on and shine you diamond shine
They will turn on all the light
	that they've been hiding away
They've got to turn on the light
They will burn off
Come on shine you diamond shine

There are a million eyes watching the world tonight
Have we learned nothing?
Do we merit another chance?
By what grace have we earned some redemption
Ten million saviors, ten billion angels of man
Those who know that such miracles can be so
They arrive because they must go
And lead believers to bring it home

Healing Part I

Listen, listen
Listen to the voice,
	the voice is an illusion
Listen to the voice,
	don't let the words confuse you
'Cause you need something to concentrate on,
	concentrate on me
You need something to meditate on,
	meditate on me

Listen, listen
Listen to your heart
	tune into the rhythm
Listen to your heart
	beating with precision
Like the waves upon the seaside,
	it goes on and on
Like the spinning of the world,
	it goes on and on

Listen, listen
Listen for the sound
      that is not in the music
Only you can hear it,
      only you can use it
It's the sound of someone breathing,
      it's the breath of life
It's the sound that you are weaving
      with the thread of life

Listen, listen
Listen to the sound,
      let nothing disturb you
You are in a place
      where nothing can hurt you
If you feel a strange sensation,
      it can do no harm
Like the spiral of creation,
      it will soon move on

Healing Part II

Where you are going
	you cannot take your body
You are on a journey,
	the baggage is too heavy

You can leave your legs behind you,
	you will learn to fly
You can leave your arms behind you,
	you will touch the sky
You can leave your head behind you,
	you are thought itself
You can leave the rest behind you,
	you are breath itself

Now you are naked,
	there's no one here to judge you
See the clear light
	shining high above you
Then you're floating in the silence,
	you are not alone
For the power of your being
	keeps you flowing on
	Look upon yourself
	only with compassion
Strip away the shell
	hiding your perfection
Though your past was full of darkness,
	now the past is gone
And your life is starting over
	when it's just begun

Now you are whole,
	don't you recognize it
Towering eternal
	behind the troubled thoughts that hide it
Though at times it seems so distant,
	it is always there
When you need its peace and power,
	you will know it's here

Healing Part III

Listen, listen
Listen to the cry
	of a world that's calling to you
Listen to the cry
	of the helpless souls that need you
Though you may have trepidation
	you can not refuse
You will find your own salvation
	in the path you choose

Listen, listen
Listen to the voice
	that whispers in the silence
Listen as the voice
	solidifies your self reliance
Let the peace that you've discovered
	be a guiding light
Let the cry that you've uncovered
	set the world aright

You could not be closer to your maker
	never more or less alone
If you know thyself
	there's nothing else to know
You are home
Welcome home

Listen, listen
Listen to the sound,
	let nothing disturb you
You are in a place
	where nothing can hurt you
If you feel a strange sensation,
	it can do no harm
Like the spiral of creation,
	it will soon move on

Time Heals

If you're bleeding,
Then everyone can see you're bleeding
They can call for the doctor,
Who'll provide what the diagnosis says you're needing
Then he'll take away your pain
But if your heart,
Your heart has been broken
And you don't wear it on your sleeve
No one can tell,
Your hell goes unspoken
But there's one thing you must believe

Time heals the wounds no one can see
Time heals the wounds that no one can see

If you're crying
Then everyone can see you crying
And they all sympathize
But it just doesn't matter
Though they may be trying,
They can't feel the hurt inside
You can't go on,
You've gone to the limit
And your life seems to slip away
You're on your own
Alone you must face it
And tomorrow's so far away

You got to hold on baby
Got to give it time to heal
Time heals the wounds that no one can see
You must believe what they say is true
It do's wonders for ya, yeah, yeah

Tiny Demons

One of them plays a piccolo in my ear
Another one makes me smell things that aren't there
And they know where to hide
And they know everything that's inside
Of my head
Tiny demons, inside me

One of them ties a lasso around my heart
Another makes me nod when I drive the car
And they won't ever leave
But they won't show their faces to me
And they wait 'til I feel
Like they're gone and they jump out and steal
My relief
Tiny demons, inside me

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