Terra Firma

Composer: Todd Rundgren
Duration: 4:25
I am Christopher Columbus
On the bounding main
Searching for a new world
And I don't know when I'm back again
If I can find my way back home again

I am scanning the horizon
But there's nothing there to see
Wondering where to turn to
And the quest seems more like a fantasy
With every passing moment it seems to be
And that's the thing that frightens me

Whenever I feel afraid
I put my faith in terra firma
And I'm never far away
Because you're my terra firma

I am on Apollo seven
Heading into space
Where no man has ever ventured
And at times I feel so out of place
Then the moon looks like your shining face

I see Terra far below me
Green and white and blue
I know you are down there somewhere
But I feel so far away from you
Hoping that you're thinking of me too
Even though I know you always do

Whenever I feel alone
I come home to terra firma
The place that I call my own
Because you're my terra firma

I am off to great adventures
Leaving you behind
Far beyond the border
And I have no clue what I will find
But the thought of home never leaves my mind

Though the minutes stretch to hours
And the hours stretch to days
Through the trials and tribulations
When it seems like I'm so far away
And it's just too high a price to pay
There is one thing I can always say

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