Composer: Todd Rundgren
Duration: 4:39
I'm not a scientist
Everybody likes to brag these days
And yet they still insist
Twisting all the facts their way

Gravity is real
Just step off the ledge and you will fall
Summers get hotter
Winters get colder
Writing on the wall

You'd have to be blind
Eyes that will not see

You say God will handle everything
Seems like he ain't done shit so far
Take yourself for example
You're still wishing on a star
Wish upon that star

But you see God is a scientist
He don't play dice with the universe
  It don't take an Einstein
And your fake and cynical solutions
It's as if you're trying to make things worse
  And you know the reason

'Cause you never want to see the
Writing on the wall
  Don't want to see
Writing on the wall
  Turn your back to the wall
Writing on the all
  Hide your eyes now
Writing on the wall
  There it is
Writing on the wall
  Plain as day
Writing on the wall
  Don't look away
Writing on he wall
  Gotta face the truth
Writing on the wall

Featuring Bobby Strickland on alto sax

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