Flesh & Blood

Composer: Todd Rundgren
Duration: 4:50
It's the tom tom tom beat of the medicine man
Driving the eyeyevil spirits back to a rhythmless land
Now it's a layayptop and a microphone
Fifty thouwowosand watts and still going strong
You hear the bangbangbangin' of the drum machine
You can't help bowowouncin' like a Mexican jumping bean
Soon everyboyoyody has the urge to move
It's like an owowocean swelling to the thunderous groove

You got free will but you're flesh and blood
You can't stand still 'cause you're flesh and blood
When that wall of sound hits you like a flash flood
Then you can't stop moving 'cause you're flesh and blood
There's no resistance 'cause we're flesh and blood
We go that distance 'cause we're flesh and blood
When that wall of sound hits us like a flash flood
Then we keep on moving 'cause we're flesh and blood

Now the crowowowd starts to move as one
You lose your miyiyind 'cause it's so much primitive fun
You feel that rururumbling way down below
That synthesiyiyizer noise begins to grow and grow.
It hypnotiyiyizes everyone in the room
Then the emcee drops it and the bottom goes boom
There ain't a sowowoul isn't covered in sweat
And the LEDs are flashing but it ain't nearly over yet

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