In My Mouth

Composer: Todd Rundgren
Duration: 4:17
Todd Rundgren: State
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I woke up the other morning
Felt like there was something growing in my brain
And I went to see the doctor
He looked me up and down, and he could not explain

And this mystery affliction
Seems to reach its peak whenever you're around
I thought maybe you're the one
I'm seeking who knows how to help me out

Come over here
What is this?
There is something in my mouth
Something in my mouth

Might be a word
Could be a kiss
There is something in my mouth
Something in my mouth for you
(I have something in my mouth for you)

I have tried to understand it
Doesn't really make a lot of sense to me
But as an explanation
I will admit it fits the bill quite handily

Since this form of medication
Seems to be available from only you
I need reexamination
Every now and then until I feel like new

What Todd has said about the song

"This is a fun song, and it is one where the whole [the] subconscious [writing process] aspect really came into play. People ask me what that is about and I still don't know. It sounds like it means something but..."
— Todd Rundgren source:

"In some ways, it defies me even knowing what it's about. A lot of these songs have dual potential meanings in the lyrics, as well as the title of the record, State, which is a noun and a verb and can be used in all kinds of ways. The idea was to try to create a sexy atmosphere, kind of R&B-ish. What it means exactly can be open to interpretation. It's no longer necessary to slave over the vocals. I don't sing the lyrics until I write them, and singing is the very last thing I do. I record the entire track, and then I worry about lyrics and vocals. The music will suggest where the words are going to a certain extent. A lot of people will start with a clear idea to try to draw things out of the subconscious; I come from a completely different direction: I try to capture as much from my subconscious as possible, and then I try to give it some meaning."
— Todd Rundgren source:

Todd Rundgren: State
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