Composer: Todd Rundgren
I like the noise and I like the smell
And where the lead ends up, what the hell
I've got a gun

So you be the robber and I'll be the cop
Cowboy saloons where someone gets dropped
GI Joe goin' over the top
I don't much care as long as I pop pop pop my gun

You better run
'Cause I'm young, dumb and I've got a gun
Public idiot number one
'Cause I'm young, dumb and I've got a gun

The constitution says that I'm so blessed
That I can clean my piece on the supreme court steps
My pretty gun

There's many like it, yeah but this one's mine
A good replacement for a lack of spine
When tribulation makes me need to unwind
And pierce the air like I'm in Palestine
Here's my gun

This is my rifle, this is my gun
This is for fighting and this is for fun

I hate to gush but I'm your biggest fan
I really love the way you fit my hand
You're with me always like a wedding band
More than a friend to me, my true identity

You're smooth and hard and that's the way you stay
Bright and polished like a Chardonay
Fully loaded as a New Year's Day
With a round in the chamber
A round in the chamber

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