The Aging Musician

  Run run run run. Run run as fast as you can
  You can't catch me...I'm The Gingerbread Man!
  Once upon a time I played electric guitar,
  and they said I was a rockin-roll star.
  Now nobody calls me on the telephone
  so I sit and watch TV all alone.
  Maybe if I put a bullet in my brain,
  they'll remember me like Kurt Cobain.
  And the parasites on MTV,
  Would wipe their eyes and act like they knew me!
  But I wouldn't be a hero I'd be DEAD!
  Just a corpse beside a note that read:
  If you'd like to pretend that you'll never get old,
  you got what it takes to rock and roll!

  Jagger...he was okay,
  none of this..."Lizzy Borden hairdresser crap!
  I just need a couple of REALLY GOOD PLAYERS!
  I can have a BAND again! Back on the road.
  Play REAL music...not this computer crap REAL music! We go BIG!
  Whatever happened to MUSIC? Now it's all about marketing and
  media coverage! GOD DAMN MTV! Every thing was okay before MTV!
  A supermarket freak can stop just about anything...who's ouzi?
  Nuthin's right anymore...not even TV!
  Davey Crockett said it all: If you're sure you're right then,
  go ahead! Now...nuthin's right...NUTHIN! GOD DAMN MTV!

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