Call To The Grave

  The rain washes away and purifies
  It washed down the flesh we catered for
  And we who sell so much and wanted more
  The crows will come and peck away our eyes
  Perhaps [...]
  It drove us to these tides from which we swing
  Like [...] starlings on the wing
  Like horse's droppings on a country road
  Oh brothers learn from us, so it begins
  And pray to god that he'll forgive my sins

  The girls who flaunt their breasts as bait there
  To catch some sucker who will love them
  The youth so sly, they stand and wait there
  To grab their single earnings off them
  The crooks, the tarts, the tart protectors
  The muggers and the maggots
  The psychopath, the [...]
  I pray that they forgive my sin
  Someone has taken [...] crowbar
  And caved their ugly faces in
  I only ask to know it's over
  Pray that they forgive my sin

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