Yesterday a postman
  Delivered to me
  The pictures that I've longed to see
  A special place

  A wheel in the sky
  Half a mile wide
  Will they have a place for me
  Up in space

  I'm on my way to L"5
  I want to stay in L"5

  I'm about to empty
  My savings account
  Hope I have the right amount
  To pay the fare

  If I can't leave today
  I might stow away
  Hiding in a storage tank
  I'll get there

  I'm on my way to L"5
  I want to stay in L"5
  Save me a place in L"5
  Give me some space in L"5

  Paperwork in triplicate
  And endless delays
  Waiting for the departure day
  I hope it's soon

  If you hear from my wife
  I've got a new life
  Somewhere between this town
  And the moon

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