Duration: 3:09
  Brother John saw visions of God
  So they put him in chains
  For acting too odd
  As the crowd shouted, "Off with his head"
  The priest said, "Have mercy
  Let's burn him instead"

  Trapped in a world that he never made

  I woke up with my head on the floor
  In a windowless cell
  A room full of doors
  I got lost, now I'm so far behind
  Took so much advice
  Forgot my own mind

  Trapped in a world that I never made

  We can't be slowed down by a big bunch of lip
  And nobody cares about your paranoid trip
  You know death and the devil sure got it easy today
  Souls come so cheap some people give theirs away
  You've got to break out, you've got to prove you're alive
  What makes you think that the weak survive

  And if you don't have the stomach
  For all this radical crap
  Then have the guts to stand for something
  Or you're gonna be trapped

  Trapped in a world that you never made

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