There Goes My Inspiration

Utopia: Utopia
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  They say pain can bring out the artist's best
  But since you've been gone, I just can't care less
  Common sense doesn't realize
  It can hurt so bad
  Everyday I sit in my garret staring at the floor
  But my heart isn't in it anymore

  There goes my inspiration
  My reason for creation
  There goes my inspiration
  I felt it fly away when you said goodbye

  Me and Gaugin used to party down
  I was hung in the Louvre, I was Renoir's pal
  Vincent Van Gogh used to joke with me
  Now they don't come 'round
  It's all over town that the master's lost his touch
  I'm so lost I can hardly hold a brush

  And now my palette is a sorry mix of grey and brown
  And all the other art lovers stay away
  	'cause I'm bringing them down

  Now I wander the left bank every day
  Searching for my muse in sad cafes
  Peddle my oils to the galleries
  But they turn me down
  Everybody says I'm a master of technique
  But the style and the sentiment is weak

Utopia: Utopia
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