Abandon City

  Did you see the color of the water coming out of the tap?
  Did you hear the chatter of the hammer
  	when you're trying to nap?
  There's nothing on the counter at the A&P store
  The bank don't even bother now to open the door
  It ain't pretty, pity

  Abandon City
  Everybody over the side
  The hour is late, they're closing the gate, no time to decide
  Abandon City
  Yeah, you better run for your lives
  There's nothing to spare
  The cupboard is bare
  The bees have all left the hive

  Someone's doing a non-stop performance
  	of "The Rape of the Lock"
  No one's got the nerve to take a tiptoe after seven o'clock
  And everybody's looking for a piece of the rock
  And I just want to get my cadillac out of hock
  Too much nitty gritty

BMI Entry for Abandon City
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