Marriage Of Heaven And Hell

  I don't know the reason why I seem to need a release
  I can't stand to beg for favors like a child on his knees
  But I won't go on a minute 'til I get me some peace
  On the road to Armageddon

  I done things I'd be ashamed to see in black and white
  There are times I miss distinctions over wrong and right
  But I'm gonna get an answer when I get there tonight
  On the road to Armageddon

  It's the wrong world
  I must be on the wrong planet
  I been checkin' it out
  And I know what it's all about

  Mr. and Mrs. Universe
  In their cabin in the sky
  She's a little bit of heaven
  He's one hell of a guy
  And like all suburban couples they may have a spat
  But that is that
  It's back to normal
  And it's your night to feed the cat

  Let us raise a glass
  And we'll drink a toast
  And the devil will dance
  With the Holy Ghost
  And the good and the wicked
  The strong and frail
  They will all join hands
  At the end of the world

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