You took that last corner too fast
  Careened up against the side wall
  For a moment everything went black
  Woke up inside somebody else's hideaway in a distant place
  Don't know your name or know this face
  And what you don't know hurts you so
  It can only be that way
  Feel yourself becoming someone else
  We may yet see that light at the end of the tunnel
  If we can find a way to keep things under control
  The web of life connects each of us to the other
  So it's no use pretending that you alone run the show
  Just like a moth too close to the fire explodes
  Though the myth is exposed
  You're still looking for windows in the sky
  Supernatural paradise is the place you are looking for
  All you need is a miracle divine
  All that's left is you alone
  Loneliness is all you own
  Feel yourself becoming someone else

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