The Seven Rays

Composer: Todd Rundgren/John Siegler
Duration: 8:52
My great grandfather was a satisfied man
Contented in every way
Such was the course of his everyday life
'Til he heard of the seven rays.

Every modern man, in the back of his mind
Has a problem to face.
He wants security for the home in his head
All he needs is the seven rays.

And when you think about tomorrow
What goes through your mind?
Now don't nobody get uptight

Do you think that we can put up
With this shit one more night
All you need is just six more rays

Take one beam of light
Prism acquire
Break the white light down
Seven rays appear

	One - Red, the ruler seeking freedom
	Two - Rose, the father seeking unity
	Three - Orange, the thinker seeking understanding
	Four - Yellow, the poet seeking harmony

Take the seven rays
Pure as fire
Focus anywhere
White light will appear

	Five - Green, the scientist seeking truth
	Six - Blue, the disciple seeking goodness
	Seven - Indigo, the artist seeking beauty

This may sound like a bunch of trumped up words
But we keep no secrets today
The only hope for you is in your brothers, my friend
All you need is just six more rays

All we need is the seven rays

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