Family Values

Composer: Todd Rundgren
Duration: 6:42
"It doesn't help matters when prime time TV
has Murphy Brown. I know it's not fashionable
to talk about moral values, but we need to do it..."
It started on a Labor Day
A chance for us to get away
Everyone in the house
And year by year things moved around
But everybody still got down in the house
And seldom do we have a plan
But everybody lends a hand
Everyone in the house
Making sure we have our fun
While gettin' done what must be done in the house

Pardon me, did you say something?
What are you looking at?
Tell me, what's your problem?
Are you counting heads?
Are you counting things?
What are you looking for?
Listen there's no problem

'Cause we got them, we already got them
We got family values

"Some people say Judeo-Christian values are code
words. Well they are code words. Code words for..."
Politics and money scams
Endless verbal traffic jams
Keep it out of the house
'Cause you'll get what you give to me
A little r-e-s-p-e-c-t in the house
'Cause you know some of us have been around
And some of us still get around
But we all in the house
So don't get on our evil side
'Cause we like it rough and we're nationwide

Pardon me, did you say something?
We're all entitled to have our own opinion
And you're standing there like you smelled something
But you're entitled to even bad opinions

"Many of our generation glamorize
casual sex and drug use, evaded responsibility,
and trashed authority."

We gonna have a good time everybody
Because the family is all in the house!

"Our policy must be premised on, it must reinforce
values such as family, hard work, integrity,
personal responsibility..."
Made him love mom
Saw what that did to him
Made him love dad
Saw what that did to him
Made him love god
Saw what that did to him
Made him love death
Saw what that did to him

"I know it's not fashionable
to talk about moral values..."
Shut up!

Dan Quayle provides the ongoing commentary

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