Composer: Todd Rundgren
He found a letter.
Someone had slipped it under the door.
Said I gotta tell you something,
I never told no one before.
I know it sounds crazy.
I can hardly bring myself to say,
But the feeling is oh so strong now,
I can't hold out another day.
I hope you can take it said that way.
When I say,
I wanna fuck you, Jesse.
I wanna fuck you, Jesse.
I wanna fuck you 'cause I got the right
To love a man whose stupid, ugly, and white.
I wanna say "fuck you," Jesse Helms.

She got a message,
Just another beep on the message machine.
Said I feel so guilty,
I think it's time that I come clean.
I thought I knew better.
I thought I had chosen the proper words to say.
I wanted to be so honest.
Tell you a story you've never heard,
Now that I finally got the nerve.
I wanna fuck you, Tipper.
I wanna fuck you, Tipper.
'Cause you showed me that
Things are still the same.
Everybody's parents turn out lame.
I wanna say "fuck you," Tipper Gore

He heard her crying,
But he couldn't make out a word she said.
She was alone and frightened.
She was wishing she was dead.
She knew it was hopeless.
He was way up there, and she was way down here.
Still she called his name out
In a voice that was loud and clear.
She said I know it sounds so weird,
But I wanna fuck you, Johnny.
I wanna fuck you, Johnny.
I wanna hold you down 
And fuck you while you squirm
And force you to bring that thing to term.
I wanna say "fuck you," John Paul II.

Got to say "fuck you" Tipper Gore.
Just got to say "fuck you" Jesse Helms.

"Jesse" was recorded during the 2nd Wind sessions, but was not included in the final release because it "didn't fit the concept".

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