Emperor Of The Highway

Composer: Todd Rundgren
Duration: 1:41
I am the Emperor of the Highway
I wield the Universal Will
One might chance to overlook on my Divineness
Unless I'm sitting in the Imperial Poupe de Ville
I am the Emperor of the Highway
Strapped with foolish mortals such as these
I need never indicate my intentions
I can stop and go and turn just as I please
For I am the Emperor of the Highway

Methinks that thou hast driven too far
I am the Royal Prince of Foreign Sports Cars
Better that I should drive a wheelchair or jog
Than to be blown off by a Regal Road Hog

I am the Emperor of the Highway
	(Where did you ever get that gas sucking pig of a car?)
This time my friend, you are outclassed
	(Any real man would drive a stick shift)
For my uncle is the Duke of the State Police
	(Cut me off again and I will punch your lights out)
And he will place his Royal Boot upon your Ass
	(This is my exit, we shall meet another day)

Don't forget who's Emperor of the Highway
For I am the Emperor of the Highway!

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