All The Children Sing

  See Ms. Malone
  She spends another quiet evening alone
  Sits in her study and stares at the phone
  And a bell in her head will ring
  All the children sing
  All the dancers start to sway in time
  The orchestra begins to play
  Somebody pours the wine
  The sun and moon collide
  Isn't gravity a funny thing
  The universe explodes apart
  All the children sing
  Of Mr. Malloy
  He's always seen himself as one of the boys
  He thinks that men are tough and women are toys
  But a bell in his head will ring
  All the children sing
  All the birds are chirping harmony
  The scent of love is in the air
  Sunset on the sea
  The angel of the Lord
  Just declared we aren't worth a thing
  The galaxy is null and void
  All the children sing
  Crawled across a thousand miles of desert sand
  Looking from an answer from a holy man
  And this is what he told me with a wave of his hand
  He said, "A bell in your head will ring"

  Here's to the Chinaman, wise and old
  Here's to the Eskimo, brave and cold
  Here's to the Jew in the holy land
  Here's to the Arab in his caravan
  Here's to the African, strong and proud
  Here's to the Redneck, good and loud
  Here's one to you and there's one more thing
  A bell in your head will ring

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