A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

Composer: Todd Rundgren
Duration: 4:21/3:49/7:33/19:36
Todd Rundgren: Initiation
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This song is broken down into several parts:

(Track 7)
Intro - Prana
(Track 8)
II, The Fire Of Mind - or Solar Fire
(Track 9)
III, The Fire Of Spirit - or Electric Fire
(Track 10)
I,The Internal Fire - or FIre By Friction
1. MýlŠdh‚ra
The Dance Of Kundalini (0:00-1:30)
2. Sv‚dhishth‚na
Bam, Bham, Mam, Yam, Ram, Lam, Thank You, Mahm (1:30-3:44)
3. ManipŻra
Seat Of Fire (3:44-5:17)
4. Anah‚ta
The Halls Of Air (5:17-6:30)
5. Vishudda
Sounds Beyond Ears (6:30-8:30)
6. Ajn‚
Sights Beyond Eyes (8:30-10:53)
7. Brahmarandhra
Nirvana Shakti (10:53-17:47)
Outro - Prana (17:47-19:36)
Note: on the LP this is just all of Side 2

Todd Rundgren: Initiation
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