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Short list of Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get my question about Todd answered?
Send your question to . If we don't know the answer, we'll try to find out.
Shari asks: Any ideas where I could locate CDs such as Something/Anything, A Wizard A True Star, Initiation, just to name a few
All of the titles you listed are readily available via or
How old is Todd?
Todd was born at 8:15 AM on June 22, 1948, and grew up in Westwood Park, PA, near Philadelphia. You do the math.
Is Todd married or does he have kids?
Todd married Michele Gray on June 22, 1998 (his 50th birthday.) He has three sons, Rex, Randy and Rebop.
Where can I see Todd in concert?
Keep up to date with tour schedules at the tour schedule page.
Does Todd have a new CD coming out?
"Global" was released April 2015.
What's happening with PatroNet?
Patronet can be reached at, however it has been inactive for several years and may never become active. Todd's personal site is at
Where can I get sheet music of Todd songs?
There was a songbook published in the '70s called "The Best of Todd Rundgren". It's quite a collector's item, but is no longer in print. A few guitar tabs can be found in the Acapella section (lyrics too)
Can you send an e-mail to Todd?
No, I can't. And requests to do so will likely go unanswered.
How can I meet Todd or get a backstage pass?
Most people who meet Todd do so by arriving early for a show, or hanging out afterwards. Beyond that, there's no easy way.
I can't find tickets on sale for Todd at one of the tour locations. Where can I buy them?
If tickets are not currently available, it's likely that they will become available before the show occurs. Patience, grasshopper. Barring that, call the venue, or ticket services like Ticketmaster.
I'd like to buy tickets if I could, but Todd isn't even coming to my area. When will he come here?
Sorry, but I'm afraid I have no control of or input to Todd's touring schedule.

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